Our Products

Bank Connectors

Automate your bank processes and payment runs to make your reconciliation simpler.
A working connector for CBA, Westpac, NAB, St George, BankSA, Bank of Melbourne and HSBC.

Stripe Connector

Connect your Stripe account directly into your NetSuite account making it easier to receive payments via Stripe.
Completely configurable payment types, limits and direct debits or multi-invoice payments.
Import Customers & Invoices into NetSuite.

Transforming CSV Importer

Our CSV importer can import your CSV files and up to 98% of NetSuite
records directly into NetSuite via an automated process.


Send documents such as: invoices, statements and dunning automatically
to multiple users using fully customisable PDF and email templates.

PGP Connector

Allows users to natively use PGP within NetSuite keeping your data as safe as possible.
Move away from SFTP which invalidates the encryption and adds additional data
handling therefore risk and increased costs.

External File System

Allows use of an external cloud storage within NetSuite to replace or compliment their internal File Cabinet.
This allows connections to the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3, Back blaze, OneDrive & SharePoint.

Bank Connectors

Our Bank Connector sits natively within NetSuite making it secure and seamless.
Automate your bank processes and payment runs, make your reconciliation simpler.


  • Employees do not need access to Internet banking to do reconciliation.
  • No manual manipulation of CSVs required prior to upload into NetSuite.
  • All files generated from EFT module (ABA files) can be automatically uploaded with approval processes as required.
  • Reduces the chance of corporate fraud by removing the need for employee download ABAs manually and upload them.
  • All responses (acknowledgement, exceptions, etc.) from ABA files all feedback in NetSuite allowing easy error recognition.
  • All Bank statements downloaded automatically overnight (dependent on time zones)
  • Reduces complicated internal processes – Giving your finance team the tools to perform their end-to-end responsibilities from one screen not only reduces errors but saves the average finance team x10 hours per week (dependent on number of bank accounts and daily transactions)

Banks Currently Available

  • National Australia Bank
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Westpac
  • HSBC
  • St.George
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • Bank SA

Banks Available Soon

We are actively working on introducing the following to our list of bank feeds.

  • ASB Bank Limited
  • ANZ
  • JP Morgan
  • Goldman Sachs
  • MacQuarie

If your bank is not listed, please contact us as we are always adding banks and are happy ot work with you and your bank to see if we can provide you a solution.

Stripe Integration

Suite Function’s Stripe Integration makes it easier to receive payments via Stripe. With its flexible configuration, the Stripe Integration allows NetSuite users to do a whole range of things, listed below.

  • Pay Online Now available for any transactions including Sales Order deposits.
  • Schedule payments of outstanding invoices for customers who have saved their
    payment details.
  • Consolidated payments so you only need to pay Stripe’s fixed transaction fee once.
  • Create branded payment pages eg. Payment Successful, PaymentCancelled and Payment Updated.
  • Configure multiple Stripe accounts to NetSuite by subsidiaries or currency or both.
  • Identify NetSuite invoices in Stripe and Stripe payment IDs in NetSuite .
  • See Stripe receipts in NetSuite.
  • Take in-person terminal payments and save those details for future transactions.
  • Statement Pay with option to select invoices to pay from outstanding amount as shown
    on the statement.
  • Support multiple saved payment methods Customers can use different saved payment options for different invoices.
  • Support all payment methods that Stripe support.
  • Sync’ing of Customers between Stripe and NetSuite.
  • Sync’ing of payment methods between Stripe and NetSuite.
  • Take deposits against Sales Orders using a Pay Now Link on the Sales Order PDF.
  • Automate creating of Customer Payments record in NetSuite once Stripe receives a payment.
  • Automate creating of Customer Deposit record in NetSuite once Stripe receives a payment.
  • Different payment methods for different invoices supported.
  • NetSuite Records references viewable via Stripe Dashboard.
  • Stripe Payment information available in NetSuite
    against the payment/deposit record.
  • Manage Terminal devices and Terminal Locations via NetSuite.
  • Direct integration through Stripe. No need to connect your Ecomm platform to NetSuite directly, connect via Stripe’s meta data to create or search for transactions on the fly and create payment records against them.

Transforming CSV Importer

Suite Function’s Transforming CSV Importer drastically reduces the time required to manually validate and prepare data for recurring imports to NetSuite by giving you the ability to automate the process. NetSuite’s standard CSV importer can only be run manually using Saved CSV Imports. The Transforming CSV Adaptor can import up to 98% of NetSuite records, compared to only 15-20% using NetSuite’s standard CSV importer.

Completely customisable scheduling

Using the simple Schedule feature to select start
time/date and end date, you can configure the SF
Transforming CSV Importer to run from every 15
minutes up to once a year and everything in between.

Filter by Email Rule

Using the Email Rules tool, you can filter by sender or content within the subject or body of the email without needing to access your NetSuite account.

Skip Lines

Ability to skip lines that are not relevant to any import e.g., skip if empty, case insensitive, Regex Safe. 

Default Values

You can

  • Add prefix/suffix,
  • Append to current field value,
  • Trim value,
  • Only apply if blank.

SFTP, Cloud & API capabilities

File can be scheduled to be imported from SFTP servers and most cloud storage providers. API integration is also optional.

Multiply CSV imports
from a Single file

Need to create more than one NetSuite Record from a Single CSV Import File? The transforming CSV import can chain the imports together. As it finishes one, it can be automatically passed into the next one.

Complete control over columns

  • Basic Setup – Add prefix/suffix, append to current field value, trim value, only apply if blank
  • Search and Replace – A search tool with Regex compatibility
  • Validation – Nine options to validate unwanted data – not null, not empty, is empty, is number, Regex Match, Regex Does Not Match, Contains, Does Not Contain, List
  • Lookup Fields – NetSuite’s standard importer can only lookup a record by its NetSuite internal or external ID, or by matching its record’s name exactly, including case. SuiteFunction’s Transforming CSV importer allows you to search any field on any NetSuite record to find the correct value for your import.


Our Multi-Emailer sits natively within NetSuite allowing an automated Dunning process. The more powerful multi-Emailer creates transforming CSV Maps that can be configured to do a range of things, as listed below:


  • Send invoices to multiple users on any schedule.
  • Manage your Dunning process.
  • Send statements and summarised tables of invoices.
  • Choose whether to include copies of invoices or not.
  • Send multiple invoices on one email.
  • Uses Standard PDF and Email templates so fully customisable.
  • Customers with the expired credit card or close to the expiry date (less than 30 days)
  • Template for invoices for customers who have credit card details saved on file or customers with direct debits to have the following wording on the invoices
  • DD customers to get their paid invoices along with receipts and statements when we send receipts with multi-emailer.

PGP Connector

Your Netsuite implementation is going great, everything is working and then someone tells you, there is a need for a PGP solution… And you don’t really understand what that is, let alone how you fix it! Don’t panic, we can help!


  • The process can be fully automated.
  • There will be folders for Encrypted, Decryption and Archive files.
  • The PGP Connector can handle encryptions and decryptions. 
  • The solution can handle key management within NetSuite including key generation
  • It can be used alongside one of our Bank connectors if PGP is required.

Historically users have had to use a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to transfer sensitive data, such as Bank details and employee Human Resource details into NetSuite. This invalidates the encryption, adds additional data handling therefore risk and increased costs. Our PGP application allows users to natively use PGP within NetSuite which in turn, keeps your data as safe as possible.


External File System

Suite Function’s External File System allows users to add any file type to any record without using NetSuite’s default solution saving the customer from having 2 storage solutions. The solution allows companies to store their files on whatever cloud storage platform they wish rather than the default one provided by the ERP solution. We provide the “Bridge” to allow the customer’s ERP solution to seamlessly integrate with their storage choice without the end users knowing any difference. 

We Currently connect to

  • Dropbox
  • Amazon (AWS) S3 storage all locations globally
  • Google Drive
  • Google Team Drives
  • Microsoft SharePoint 365

The solution can make sure your data is stored in a country of your choice and can be encrypted at rest if required.

we are developing integration with

  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. 

Note: We do not provision the storage or maintain/look after the setup of the storage solution. We can advise on the access the solution requires and the security requirements needed. Price is dependent on requirements. Please contact us for a quote.